Cohort Skateboards
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Cohort Skateboards "Punk since day one."

Cohort Skateboards offers a complete line of Skateboards and Accessories
catering to the core skateboarding sect including skateboard decks, complete skateboards,
protective gear
, hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories.

Cohort Skates “Skateboards made in the United States.”

Support the Independent!

Your Cohort against the crass corporate skateboard establishment and the answer to force fed sub 7" inch deck masses. The nearly forgotten discipline where Style, Speed, and Power, take precedence over how many times you can flip your board over before you land on it upside down. If you are looking for the latest trend look elsewhere however, if you are looking for a deck suited for pool skating, pipe skating, or ditch skating you have found your place.....

Cohort Skateboards .... Taking it back!

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