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- Cohort Skates.... An evening at Chino.

8.6 MB Quicktime Movie

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Little Brian & Johnny Wadd throw down a late night attack on Chino Skatepark. More movies on the way....

FilmCredit: Dave Rojas

- Cohort Skates M.H.O.V. Zip Hoodies in stock!

Available in any color you want as long as it's Black. Check them out here:

- Cohort Skates Rider Chris Mumma Caught on film....

The ever elusive/quiet C.M. gets captured during an all out coping assault.

.gif compliments of Corey at Police the Police.

- Cohort Skates Rider Dave Reul has a sizable interview in the January (A.S.R) Concrete Wave

Keep your eye's open for 4 full color pages featuring the legendary hi-jinx of the "Reul'er," in the upcoming Concrete Wave issue. Here's a link to a page shot. Oh yeah, and the Reul bandanna has been continued into the second run of decks so grab yours while the getting is good. They won't be around for long....

Movie sent in by John Fudala....Thanks!

Dont click the forks!

- Cohort Skates Limited Edition "Buzzbomb" deck!

Skater/ Artist Pat Bronowicki shaped, hand painted/ signed & numbered this one so get your greasy paws on one while you can! No two are the same.... (Dimensions: 8.25" wide /31.75" length/ 14.75" Wheelbase.) Get yours here.

-Cohort Skates Rider Chase Ehrlich is out filming for the upcoming Cohort flick!

Check back for updates and other liquor fueled debauchery....

-Cohort Skates Random images....

Quite a few from MRZ. Check his site out here.

-Cohort Skates "Mighty Hands Of Vengeance" decks in stock!

Check them out here

-Cohort Skates Team Rider testing the waters at a heavy session in the I.E.

Cohort Skates/ DP-77 backed Johnny Wad gives the paparazzi a glance at the way to start a session.

-The Briefs spread the sickness in the Crown!

Make your way out to the Crown Town for an evening w/ the world renowned Briefs! Thursday December 1st, is the date.... Be there! After party for those who know at the extravagant Cohort Headquarters so make your presence known...

For more info go here:

Showcase Theatre

Pic's from the show.

-Cohort Skates Sponsorship flick of the month, (Send them in....)

It's still alive and kicking.... (Fair Warning 6.8 megs and butchered as far as possible.)

-Cohort Skates products are available nation-wide through VK Sports Distribution!

Dealer orders can be made via telephone @ 1-800-427-1278 or via the web at www.vksports.com

-Cohort Skates team riders attack Etnies Falls classic!

The Cohort Team manages to scrape themselves out of bed after a liquor fueled photo shoot (w/ the famed MRZ) the previous night and put's together a solid showing at the Etnies Falls Classic contest in spite of themselves. Some highlights include: Dave Reul taking the "Legends" event, Johnny Wad destroying the "Sponsored" class and coming away w/ a second, Brian Whitney showing that he is the little giant killer!, A half way decent product booth and Chase Ehrlich's first showing in a contest since the triumphant days of yore!

Thanks to Nick Gates for making the event what it was.... Click on the pic's....

-Cohort Skates is proud to announce the Broken Magazine Dead Pool of the Month!

Read and weap Sucker! The aftermath is always available from your friends on the frontline.

Broken Magazine

Print addition 2 in the works! Advertisement inquires go here: Broken Mag Ads

-Cohort Skates "Chase Ehrlich" decks in stock!

First 100 decks include Limited Edition Cohort matches & a cigarette.... Check it out here!

Random Chase Movies:

-Cohort Skates "Dave Reul" decks in stock!

First 100 decks come w/ limited edition Cohort Reuler Bandanna! Check them out here!

-Cohort Team Rider named "Toughest Skater" and member of the "Best Bar Band!"

Dave Reul voted "Toughest Skater" as well as being the frontman for the Skatanic Rednecks who pulled in the "Best Bar Band!" Check out the page shot here.

(Photo credit: MRZPHOTO)

-Cohort Team Rider in new Skateboarder Mag

-Johnny Wad bridges the gap (Stairs & Bench!) for the lens. Check it out in the new December issue of Skateboarder Magazine. Here's a link to a page shot.

(Photo credit: Brian Fick)

Random Movie of Johnny Wad:

-Country Death Metal Unleashed on Huntington Beach!

"Skate night!" on Monday 10/17.... Featuring the Skatanic Rednecks, Skate flicks, Beer, and more Beer! What else do you need?

300 Pacific Coast Highway #113, Downtown Huntington Beach
Located on Walnut between Main & 3rd

For More info go here:



-Briefs "Steal Your Heart" Contest!

Grand prize winner wins swag bag of goods from: BYO Records, Draven Shoes, Cohort Skates, Dogpile Cloze, & Interpunk. Winner announced Tuesday October 18th. 2005. Get on over to Interpunk to enter the contest: Briefs "Steal Your Heart" Contest Entry.

- Cohort equipped rider on Thrasher's site

Not covered w/ ink or saw dust for once. Check it out at:


-Congrat's to Nick Gates for the new addition!

Congrat's to Nick (Broken Mag) & his old lady on their new addition! A healthy boy "Hunter Gates," is destined to be a pool killer!

Check out Broken Magazine

- Cohort Skates Team Rider "Johnny Wad" Ad graces the new Concrete Wave (Vol. 4 No. 2 Fall 2005)

Johnny fresh back from a hitchhking hiatus in Oregon whips up a back D in the deep of a recently demolished roman ender for the lens. Check out Concrete Wave for more information or to pick up a copy:


- NEW! Cohort Skates Fall/ Winter Catalog now available via the web.

Download your copy today!

Dealer inquiries contact: sales@cohortusa.com for pricing and availability.

-Congrat's to Brian Whitney! (Little Brian)

For a first place finish at Upland's Inaugural Skateboard Contest Finals!

For more information check out: http://www.ci.upland.ca.us/

Also check out for more coverage: http://www.sk8session.com/

-News from the Road...

Reul called in and said the "Old Stars and Upstarts," gang is in Atlanta and presently pondering the outcome of Rita. Check back for updates or for more information go here:


- Cohort invades ASR show w/ wreckless abandon!

In the words of the Doctor, " When the going gets weird the weird go pro." The crew works up a last minute (Trust me that is no understatement) assault on the corporate sheep herd and proves that there is still hope for the free-thinking minority of skaters that actually give a crap.

Click Images above to view

- The Reul'er hits the road!

Cohort Skates Team Rider Dave Reul is one of the featured riders on the Duane Peter's Old Scars and Upstarts tour. He'll be traveling the country in style and laying down his (sizable) bag of tricks from state to state for the next month..... Check the Disaster Records site for a date near you. Give em hell Dave!

For more information on the Old Scars & Upstarts Tour go here:


-The Briefs new album "Steal Your Heart" is set to hit the shelves on Oct. 18th.

The Briefs decks are in stock! Check them out here.

Check out the Briefs site for updates: http://www.thebriefs.com/

Little Brian giving the Briefs deck a R&D workout at the new RSM skatepark:

Click Image above to view

- Sneak peek of the new Dave Reul and Chase Ehrlich graphics.

Both decks are soon to be released!

Dave Reul Deck spec's: 8.25" x 32.75" w/ a 14.75" wheelbase.

Chase Ehrlich model specs: 8.25" x 32.5" w/ a 14.5" wheelbase & 8" x 32.25" w/ a 14.5" wheelbase

- Cohort Skate Products available at VK Sports distribution

Check out the VK website here:


- Cohort Skate Products available at So Cal Skate Shop!

Support this shop! Mike is a stand up no B.S. guy and I assure you that you'll get nothing except the best buying experience. He also runs these site's so check them out:



- Fair Warning!

Chase is hunting down the flourescent grip-tape oblivious idiot that sprained his knee during the ASR ramp event. A public service announcement from Cohort Skateboards....

- The DP-77 site has been updated w/ tons of stuff!

This is the real thing! Support the people who support the scene! D.P.'s been there since before most of ya were born.... Support the Independent!


- The Ruel'er is the latest addition to the Cohort Skates Team....

Cohort Skates Team Rider Dave Ruel is on the road w/ his sights set on releasing nothing more than pure unbridled savagery on the Oregon Trifecta Event. Look for the release of his Cohort Pro model at the A.S.R. show.

For more information on the Trifecta go here:


- Come see Cohort Skates at September A.S.R. show. (Booth #3328)

Freshly showered (don't bet on that one...) and drug from the their obsessive ghetto lurking pool hoarding existence, the Cohort Crew will be dropping their buckets & pumps long enough to offend the masses at the A.S.R. show.

DATES: September 9-11, 2005

San Diego Convention Center
111 Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

- Congratulations to Cohort Skates Team Rider Brian Whitney for a 1st. place finish at the Upland Qualifier #2. For more information on the series check out: http://www.ci.upland.ca.us/

Update: "Brief's" decks are in-stock! Check them out here

- Heads up on a new Cohort project w/ no other than "The Briefs!" Look for a release date coinciding with the release of their new record on BYO.

Check out the Briefs site for updates: http://www.thebriefs.com/

- Cohort Skates Team Rider "Chase Ehrlich," Pro model in the works w/ graphic by skate artist Pat Bronowicki.

8" & 8'125" widths soon to be released. Check back for updates.

- Cohort Skates Spring/ Summer Catalog now available via the web.

Download your copy today!

Dealer inquiries contact: sales@cohortusa.com for pricing and availability.

- Cohort Skates Team Rider Chris Mumma featured on opening page of Broken Magazine.com

Check it out at: http://www.brokenmagazine.com/

- Batten down the hatches Cohort Skates team rider Johnny Wad is on the attack!

Using both his world renowned charm & public transit as his weapon he's sure to infiltrate your pools and beloved couch soon!

- Cohort Skates wishes the best to both Tyler Mumma and James Reed.

Both former Cohort Team Riders have been recently been picked up by Black Label Skateboards. Best of luck to them in the future. (I guess if your going to lose a rider it's best to lose them to the big boys.)

- Broken Magazine Issue #1 is available via PDF download

1.5mg Adobe PDF file available here


Limited Edition 8" Tongue Depressor deck released. Be prepared to witness flying pigs and horrible acts of nature! Grab them while ya can.... (32.5" x 8" w/ a 14.5" or 14.75" Wheelbase. Color laminate top & Bottom)

Broken Magazine's Poolgasm Trailer is up! Also check out their Cohort Skates product review.

Check it out at:

Look forward to it's release Feb. 2005 w/ cameo appearances from the Cohort Team.

- Cohort Skates product review on Concrete Disciples.

Check it out at:

- Dogpile Cloze mentions Cohort Skates/ Blackcoats Crew in latest Brigade Blast News letter.

Check it out at:

- Cohort Skates team rider John Abernathy (a.k.a. Punker John) featured in Transworld Skateboarding

Magazine's Park Spotting.

- Cohort Skates equipped rider caught in action at public skateboard facility on cover page of Sk8session.com

Check it out at:

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